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Updated: 2021-07-17


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Before registering for a lesson, please read our FAQ below.

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Before COVID hit, we were already in the process of shutting down our indoor location at Sherwood Forest Park. We will not be providing indoor lessons for the foreseeable future.

Summer Camps

We are not doing summer camps in 2021, neither for the Town of Oakville nor of our own.

If not camps, what then?

Instead of camps, we are offering individual and group lessons, as well as adult lessons. These lessons are for the same disciplines as before: skateboarding, inline skating, aggressive inline skating, and scootering. Every lesson is led by our head coach, who is experienced in all of these disciplines. 

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are for one student. These lessons are offered in 1-hour or ½-hour blocks.

          Who can sign up?

            Anyone 6-18 years of age can sign up for our Individual Lessons.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are for 2-4 students of the same family or social bubble. These lessons are offered in 1-hour or ½-hour blocks. Please note, we are not building groups out of our students; a group must come to us already formed. There are a few limitations to building groups.

  • All members must be of the same discipline (skateboarding, inline skating, aggressive inline skating or scootering).

    • For our purposes, inline skating and aggressive inline skating are two different disciplines. 

  • All members must be within a similar skill range. This is to ensure no one gets left behind during lessons.

Who can sign up?

Anyone 6 years of age or older can sign up, including those over 18. This means families, including parents, can come and learn a discipline together.

Adult Lessons

We understand some adults are interested in lessons and are not looking to skate in a skatepark but instead want to learn how to skate recreationally. To address that need, we provide Adult Lessons to help streamline the learning process and to get our adult students skating quickly. These lessons will be in 1-hour blocks. In the future, we intend to start Adult Group lessons.

Who can sign up?

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up for our Adult Lessons.

1-Hour vs ½-Hour

We offer 1-hour lessons, as well as ½-hour lessons. We’ve written descriptions to help explain the purpose of each:

½-Hour Lessons

Beginners should start with ½-hour lessons in a safe, calm environment, to help those new to their discipline get comfortable with the fundamentals. This is why we do our ½-hour lessons at Orchard Park, in Burlington. For someone completely new to any discipline, a full hour of practice can be exhausting. 

To get the most out of our ½-hour lessons, students should be practicing regularly on their own.

1-Hour Lessons

Once a student has mastered the fundamentals, they are encouraged to start 1-hour lessons which will provide the time to expand on the skills a student has mastered in a real world environment: A full fledged skatepark. 

This not only provides students with the environment to expand their skills, but also allows them to learn the unwritten rules of the skatepark firsthand from someone who fully understands skatepark etiquette. Learning to survive in a skatepark is a necessary skill for all who intend to skate in one.

We do our 1-hour lessons at Shell Park, in Oakville.

Not every student must start with ½-hour lessons. Those who already have a good amount of experience in their discipline can start with 1-hour lessons instead.



Pricing is a very common question. To help answer this question, we built this handy table:


Lesson Type



Price + HST


1/2 hour

$ 30.00

$ 3.90

$ 33.90

Group 1/2 hour 

2 students

$ 54.00

$ 7.02

$ 61.02

Group 1/2 hour 

3 students

$ 76.50

$ 9.95

$ 86.45

Group 1/2 hour 

4 students

$ 96.00

$ 12.48

$ 108.48


1 hour

$ 50.00

$ 6.50

$ 56.50

Group 1 hour 

2 students

$ 90.00

$ 11.70

$ 101.70

Group 1 hour 

3 students

$ 127.50

$ 16.58

$ 144.08

Group 1 hour 

4 students

$ 160.00

$ 20.80

$ 180.80

Individual Adult 

1 hour

$ 60.00

$ 7.80

$ 67.80


Our scheduling process is ready to go! Once you register and begin scheduling, you will be able to see our availability.


We have two locations that we operate out of:

Orchard Park in Burlington (2255 Sutton Drive L7L 7K3) is the preferred location for ½-hour (beginner) lessons.

Shell Park in Oakville (3307 Lakeshore Rd W) is the primary location we will be operating out of.


Our senior head coach is providing all the lessons for now. We intend to bring in additional coaches as demand for lessons increases.

Many of you may remember our senior coach (and Kathryn's eldest child, now 19 years old) who coached nearly every program and camp we ran over the years. Over the quarantine, this coach has come out as transgender! We are happy to reintroduce Cynthia, our head coach. Cynthia uses she/her pronouns.

Cynthia has received both of her Covid-19 vaccinations as of the 21st of June.